I had the pleasure of working with Denise for many years while at the San Diego Convention Center, and would recommend Denise highly to any organization looking to add a talented manager to their team. Denise is bright, educated (speaks multiple languages!), hard working and loyal. Her likeable, easy going demeanor allows her to assimilate easily into any group. Experienced in sales, with an emphasis in convention facility and hotel sales. Bottom line, any organization would be fortunate to have Denise on their Team!
Brad Gessner, CFE, Vice President, Convention Centers at AEG Facilities


Denise not only provides great results with in-depth expertise and a high level of integrity, she is also personable, creative and on time with every project each step of the way. More than just a service provider, Denise is a solution finder. She makes things happen, never allowing obstacles, missteps or attitudes to get in her way. She is equally adept working with a committee as she is working with one person, and she ALWAYS provides results!
Anthony Bollotta, Owner, Bollotta Entertainment


I know Denise through projects she has done for me, and others. Like myself, Denise is a consultant who understands the realities of interpersonal communication, milestones and deadlines. Denise is a brilliant, proactive and intuitive. She is also a "technical guru". She has excellent people skills and has managed several successful teams. Denise has a way of motivating a team toward results while keeping some levity in the environment. One thing I enjoy about Denise is her amazing ability to speak so many languages, I have seen her “save” several situations through soothing, effective communication.
Don Davis, Sr. Consulting Engineer, Microsoft


Over the 18 years I have known, and worked with Denise, she has always exhibited a fresh perspective and a professional demeanor. Her follow through is true to form and, while she excelled as a Sales executive for the years we worked together, her latest creative endeavors suit her even more. With a vast industry knowledge, that only comes with time, she can now pull from a variety of arrows in her quiver, each honed and ready to do battle, with a smile.
Robb Huff CMP, VP, Industry Relations, The Meeting Strategy Group


Denise is one of the most professional, detail oriented, motivated and overall wonderful person I know. During the 7 years we worked together, there was not one day that she was not passionate, professional and inspiring to work with. I have also used Denise's services in her new company with outstanding results. I would recommend Denise Vissat with the highest regard.
Meg Winchester, CMP, Director, Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau


Denise is the person you want on your team. She is considerate to those she works with, thorough in her follow thorough and reliable to a fault. The way she can balance many tasks at once, keeps the process on track. Her language capabilities are a plus.
Leandra Almodovar, Freelance Travel Director


Denise is an incredible leader and mentor, with vast knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry. Her customer service and operations skills are a significant asset to any client she works with. I was very lucky to have learned from the best! 
Michele Lago (formerly Eggers), Freelance Meeting Planner


I have had the pleasure of working with Denise at the San Diego Convention Center for over 10 years. Denise has been a great mentor and leader to me. She is very knowledgeable in all facets of the hospitality industry and is also very "technologically savvy". Denise has the ability to stay calm under pressure, which is definitely a plus in this industry. I would definitely recommend her for any sort of assignment. She has great leadership skills, is very intuitive and will acclimate herself to a new role very quickly.
Sylvia Harrison, Director of National Accounts, San Diego Convention Center


Denise is definitely passionate about Sales but more importantly to me, she is passionate about technology and all the beautiful results it can bring into the sales process and ultimately for customer satisfaction. Denise quickly embraces and integrates new-to-market software functionalities and technology advices. I have known Denise to be one of the highest producing and effective sales managers in this convention business. She knows how to structure a deal which satisfies the true needs of all parties. 
Lynn Ewing, Director Information Systems, San Diego Convention Center


Denise is and has always been thoughtful, intelligent and thorough. She loves what she does or she doesn't do it!
Jane Krause, CMP, Project Manager/Associate Producer, Baer Creative



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